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Long before The Five Wishes of Mr. Murray McBride began winning awards and hitting Amazon bestseller lists, Joe Siple could be found at his computer, developing his voice as a writer. It took seventeen long years from the day he started his first fiction manuscript until Murray, Jason, and Tiegan propelled him to bestseller status. Seventeen years of failure and rejection…and growth…
Joe Siple
joe siple
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With all his family and friends gone, one hundred year-old Murray McBride is looking for a reason to live.  He finds it in Jason Cashman, a ten year-old boy with a terminal heart defect and a list of five things he wants to do before he dies.  Together, they race against the limited time each has left, ticking off wishes one by one.  Along the way, Murray remembers what it’s like to be young, and Jason fights for the opportunity to grow old.  But when tragedy strikes, their worlds are turned upside-down, and an unexpected gift is the only thing that can make Jason’s final wish come true. 

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Jason Cashman has reached the goal he spent the last twenty years seeking, but instead of feeling content, he feels empty. When he meets Alexandra Lopez, a ten year-old American-loving girl facing deportation, he is inspired by his old friend, Murray McBride, to give her five wishes before she must leave. They set out to check off as many wishes as possible, but when Jason’s transplanted heart begins to fail, he must choose between his obligations to the past and his hope for a future.

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When Charlie Fightmaster gets the call-up to the Major Leagues, all of his dreams are about to come true. But word that his little sister, Pippin, is struggling changes everything.

Charlie returns to his childhood home, joins the amateur baseball team his father coaches, and begins helping Pippin with her dream of making the best baseball bat ever made.

Charlie meets Bud Crawford, a reclusive local legend who reluctantly teaches him the three secrets to finding perfect harmony at the plate. But when Charlie’s life begins to collapse, culminating in a terrible accident to Pippin that he caused, Charlie must learn to use Bud’s secrets to find perfect harmony not only on the baseball field, but in the rest of his life as well.

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When Aspen Collins’ dying father falls into a coma, her only wish is that he wake up long enough for her to tell him she loves him. But in what appears to be a series of miracles, her comatose father leaves messages for her all over their remote hometown, The Town With No Roads. Word of these inexplicable phenomena spreads, and TV reporter Jamison Hightower comes to town, hoping for the big story that will make his career. Aspen and Jamison are a love affair waiting to happen—but only if each can make peace with the past. Peopled with a colorful cast of characters, The Town With No Roads is a story about the regrets that can hold us back and the unconditional love that can set us free.  


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In a time when nearly all dogs have been euthanized as a safety precaution, fifth-grader Ashley Dubois and her friend Mason discover a book that claims something unbelievable–that people and dogs once lived happily together. They seek a mad scientist named Dr. Bukowski to discover the truth. Meanwhile, Amy-Bell, a Great Dane mix, is separated from her owners during a round-up of the few remaining dogs. As the reluctant leader of a small group of dogs who escaped, Amy-Bell tries to care for them. When Ashley and Mason find Dr. Bukowski and his pack of renegade dogs, they’re shocked to find the animals aren’t vicious killers. So they join the quest to save the last dogs–Amy-Bell and her pack–before it’s too late. 

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